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Bryan Adams - Tears Are Not Enough - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bryan Adams - Tears Are Not Enough - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tears Are Not Enough
Bryan Adams
Вступление:B F B F - 2р

     B		    Eb	    F		       Dm    
As every day goes by, how can we close our eyes
B 	 Eb               F	       
Until we open up our hearts
Db		 Gb           Ab              Fm   
We can learn to share and show how much we care
Db	          Gb	           Ab    
Right from the moment that we start
It seems like overnight we see a world in a different light       
Somehow our innocence is lost
How can we look away \'cause every single day
We\'ve got to help at any cost

Db	Gb		     
We can bridge the distance			 
Only we can make the difference
Don\'t you know that
Gb	   Ab    Db Ab 
Tears are not enough

If we can pull together
We can change the world forever    
Heaven knows that tears are not enough

It\'s up to me and you
To make the dream come true	  
It\'s time to take our message everywhere
C\'est l\'amour qui nous rassemble
D\'ici a l\'autre bout du monde
Db		 Gb	        Ab
Let\'s show them Canada still cares
  Absus4	    Ab    
Oh, you know that we\'ll be there


           A	 E      C#m	       D
And if we should try together, you and I
           A	          Bm	        A E 
Maybe we could understand the reasons why
        A	   E7
If we take a stand,
          C#m		 D
Every woman, child, and man
                A    Bm
We could make it work
      E		          A          
For God\'s sake, lend a hand

Добавлено: 02.08.2013
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