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Bright Eyes - Patient Hope In New Snow - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bright Eyes - Patient Hope In New Snow - аккорды и текст, видео

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Patient Hope In New Snow
Bright Eyes
A great song by a great musician....i like to play this during the winter u 
guess by the title...

Bright Eyes - “Patient Hope In New Snow”
standard tuning

Intro:  C  Am  G  C  (2 x)

      C                      Am                  G            
the heat comes in distant shifts to fill up my room
                                 Am                    G               
it spills out of these ancient vents to meet the new cold
                        Am                          G                  
and i lay in my twisted sheets and stare out at the snow
                       Am                              G               
thinking of the next few months, my cold and lifeless eyes

        F                               C
And no, I've never felt so separate
                         Am                            G
and then there's you but that's so obvious
                                  C                    Am              
      F                 G
So I just say that it's hopeless and i know this, that's why i can't dream
          C                   Am                 F            
no desire or circumstance would keep this from me
            F                    G                  F         
  G                F        G
would keep this from me... would keep this ...  would keep..

C                          Am                         G       
one by one, to department stores we walk through the aisles
        C                Am                         G         
in a forest of designer clothes, you touch me and smile
       C               Am                  G           C
and oh, for a moment i could want nothing
         C                         Am                G        
your bright eyes burn through my exploding (exploding) heart

              F                                C
and we stand as the shoppers pass us
             Am                                    G
and for once (and for once), i can feel (can feel) a touch complete
                        C                      Am                
and i need it, i need to just be near you and fill these empty eyes
               C                      Am                               
 F                       G
you start turning as resistance pulls you from my cold and boring life
                    C                 Am                        
let's make it easy and let time pass, as devotion dies,
       F                       C
the list goes on and on
            C                         Am                F     
i have waited, and i'm waiting for the pain to cure the fear
              F           C
......(to cure the fear)

C:   x32010
Am:  x02210
G:  32003x
F:  x03211
Добавлено: 16.06.2012
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