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Bright Eyes - Piata Theme - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bright Eyes - Piata Theme - аккорды и текст, видео

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Piata Theme
Bright Eyes
The strumming pattern for this song is syncopated, but it isn't too difficult. If you 
to the song you'll get it. Also, | these lines mean one bar |.

Whenever you play a G, you have to play it two different ways in quick succession: first 
open G chord with a D on the B string, then with an open B on the B string. Again, 
to the song and you'll hear it.

Intro: | C C7M   | C7 | F | G | x2
       | Am | G | F | G | x2
       Go back to C, and then play |e|-----------|

Verse 1:

       C     C7M    C7
Well I wish I had a parachute
          F               G
Cause I'm falling bad for you
       C     C7M    C7
I can see the ground approaching now
         F               G
But I'm not sure what to do
  Am             G
I feel like the piñata
          F               G
Won't you take a swing at me
             Am                   G
If you could just crack the shell open
          F              G
I think inside you would find something sweet

The chords are the same for the next two verses.

Verse 2:
Well I hear you like a hunter now
Your footsteps in the leaves
And I would gladly leave my hiding place
Yes I'm hoping to be seen
So let your arrow fly and sing
I'm well within your aim
Lay your traps for a thousand miles
And please don't let me escape

Verse 3:
Winter came to Omaha
It left us looking like a bride
A million perfect snowflakes now
And no two are alike
So it's hard for me imagining
The flaws in this design
I know debris, it covers everything
And still I am in love with this life

Outro: C then |e|-----------|
Добавлено: 30.05.2012
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