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Beck - Leave Me On The Moon - аккорды и текст, видео

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Beck - Leave Me On The Moon - аккорды и текст, видео

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Leave Me On The Moon
Surprised tabs for this song haven't been posted, this is how I play this song...

The guitar in the recording is much softer then the other instruments. 
It hides behind the audacious piano, slide guitar, bass, drums..
Though, the guitar part really holds the basic structure and melody of the song. 
so playing this song with just a guitar sounds great!

I suggest checking out the Farm Aid 1997 live performance when learning the song.
The guitar part is much more prevalent when played live.
Also Beck adds in some nice sounding and very basic guitar fills through out the performance.
it's on youtube:

*WD = Walk Down

Specifying which seventh chords to play:
   C7  D7  A7

C               C7
Leave me on the moon
C                         C7 
I must be coming back too soon
F         D7     C *WD        A7
Pieces of pieces lay in a pile 
D7                       G7
Somebody's walking on my hands

C               C7
Leave me on the moon 
C                        C7 
And everybody knows it's true
F            D7   C *WD                    A7        
Everything's good as long as it stays still
D7    G7           C     C7
Coins jingle in my brain 

F                     D7               C     C7
And you been watching me through your jewelry 
G7                         C  C7
Sending rings around my head 
Bm            F#m         Bm           F#m
Now that I am near you, I slowly disappear you
Bm                                     F F# G
Then your fingernails are much too long 

C              C7
Meet me on the moon 
C                      C7 
And you can stay there too 
F          D7              C        A7
Seems like everyone's just floating away
D7         G7        C *WD  A7   
Got to tie myself down
D7         G7           C     C7
Got to tie myself right down!
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