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Beach Boys - From There To Back Again - аккорды и текст, видео

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Beach Boys - From There To Back Again - аккорды и текст, видео

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From There To Back Again
Beach Boys
Alright, here's a tough one. Part two in the That's Why God Made the Radio end suite series. This song is 
definitely meant for piano so the guitar chords will require some work. It's in C# so to make it easier on 
everyone, I've written it with capo 1. If you're playing it on piano, which I HIGHLY recommend you do, just 
transpose. This is one of my favorite Beach Boys songs, period. It's beautiful and sad and has Al Jardine on 
vocals which is never a bad thing. Sorry I know this isn't about the transcription but I love this song.

The song structure is not too obvious on this one either, so bear with me. The word "verse" is used very 
loosely. I had a LOT of help on this one from bossaroo's transcription on the boards. Thanks 
a ton for that.

A couple notes: The "/G" and other slash notes apart from a chord represent a changing bass note. They're 
not always mandatory, so I don't have them written as chords. If you can read the rest of this chart, I 
figure you know how to throw a G bass under an F chord! Also I just want to note that it's a really easy 
transition from the Bm7 to the Cmaj9(b5) in the bridge. Kinda cool. That's it, enjoy!

Capo 1

Verse 1:

Cmaj9         F7M/C                        Cmaj9
Why don't you run away and spend some time with me?
        Am7                   F7M          /G         Cmaj9 F7M   G
On this summer's day, there's nowhere else I'd rather be
Cmaj9        F7M/C                      G9
Why don't we feel the way we used to anymore?
          Am7             G        F
There's a place along the way that maybe we could stay
Dm9                       F/G   G
Listen to the waves at my front door

Verse 2:

(G)/C  /A   Cmaj9                         Dm9
You've been thinkin' 'bout some things we used to do
Em7                                   Dm9
Thinkin' 'bout when life was still in front of you
Cmaj9                      Dm9
Back where you belong, our favorite song
Won't you listen?
Cmaj9  Dm9   Cmaj9  Dm9 
Ahhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhh
          Em7                      F7M  
Don't you understand the words are singing in the wind
  F/G                                  G7
I wish that we could get from there to back again

Verse 3:

Cmaj9                          Dm9
The clouds are parting, it's a beautiful day
      Em7         F7M  
For a wonderful Pacific Coast getaway
Cmaj9                        Dm9
The sun is shining, could we just find a way
       Em7        /F         /G
If you just fall, just fall, just fall

To the...


F            Cmaj9
F            Cmaj9


            Bm7        /A          D            Cadd9          D  Cadd9 G
Through our compromise paradise is just another place upon the wall
            Bm7                Cmaj9(b5)
Through the common sense of it all
         Am7                     D9
We had a lot to live, we gave it all
            Bm7                Cmaj9(b5)
Through the consequence of the wine
Another place in time

Verse 4:

Ba da da ba da ba ba da da da
Dm9   Em7   F7M      G7
Ba ba ba ba ba da da da
Ba da da da da da da da


Em7  F7M    Em7  F7M  
Em7  F7M    G7 


Dm9  Em7  

F7M    G7


Cmaj9        X35430
F7M/C        X33210
Am7          X02010
F7M          133210
G            320003
G9           3X0201
F            133211
Dm9          X5355X
F/G          3X3211
Em7          022030
G7           320001

Bm7          X24232
D            XX0232
Cadd9        X32030
Cmaj9(b5)    X34430
D9           X5455X

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