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Barlow Girl - Keep Quiet - аккорды и текст, видео

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Barlow Girl - Keep Quiet - аккорды и текст, видео

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Keep Quiet
Barlow Girl
Oh the things I've sacrificed
 Em                               Am
So that I could bring you to this world
I want them to see You in me
But Your name just keeps them far from me
D                   G                      Am
So I'll keep quiet lets hope they see I'm different
  D      G               C    
Jesus, Jesus, How Your name offends us
  G      D                G         C
Why are we so scared to tell this world You saved us
  G          D   G            C         
When all of the hope of the worlds in Your name
G    D   G                    C
Why are we so scared to Say "Oh Jesus"
Verse 2 
Am              Em
If I avoid to speak Your name 
                  Am            Em
Tell me will You do the same to me
If relevence becomes my goal
Tell me will I lose You to it's hold
Pre-Chorus 2
    D                G                      Am
But if I keep quiet they'll never see I'm different  
Chorus Bridge
      G      C
I'm sorry I cared about my name more than Yours
         G         D
I'm so sorry how could I hide You any more

Pre-Chorus 2 Chorus
Oh Jesus
C     G
Oh Jesus
G    D
Oh Jesus
G   C G  D
Добавлено: 01.11.2013
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