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Angel Olsen - Creator Destroyer - аккорды и текст, видео

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Angel Olsen - Creator Destroyer - аккорды и текст, видео

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Creator Destroyer
Angel Olsen
Angel Olsen – Creator, Destroyer
Tabbed by Blake Harrison
Tuning - Standard
Capo - 1st fret

Intro -

C Am Dm G
C Am G

I watch from a tower in the back of my mind
I watch from a window as the living walk by
Down below 
Walking with quiet dreams
Walking out quiet day
And in my head
I might be sorry it makes no difference now
I might be wishing I had someplace to go
Hit the streets
Out in search for the self that has left me lying
      C             Am
And I never seem to notice 
       Dm             G
It's too late before I know that all
    C                  Am
The love inside has been empty
    Dm                  G
The world we made has been ending
           C                Am              Dm                   G
And like a ghost that hangs around and won't forgive its earthly sins
     C               Am
I've carried on this love for you
     Dm          G
It's how my body lives

My darling 
How are you?
    Dm            G
How have you been lately?
  C                            Am          G
I only seem to speak to you of superficial things

C            Am
Creator, you destroy me
Dm                 G
You know my hunger well
And yet you starve me
Am                     G
Until I'm begging on my knees

     C                Am 
And these are a few of very many things 
  Dm            G
I can't begin to say out loud 
  C               Am
If only this song could carry us on
   Dm                   G
But I know I'm only entertaining myself

  C              Am              Dm                 G
I felt that even after I've been stripped of all my pride
      C               Am               Dm        G
There still remains a place for you to crawl up inside
   C         Am
To crawl up inside
   Dm        G
To crawl up inside
And I'm out of my mind
Out of my mind
Dm                  G
Murder us bitch I'm out of my mind
I'm out of my mind
Am                 G
To be in love with you
The way that I'm in love with you
The way that I'm in love with you

C Am D G
C Am D G
C Am

Fuck this and everything we've done
? C
Fuck you
? C               G
Fuck you and your lies
Добавлено: 08.08.2013
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