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Yardbirds - Mr. Zero - аккорды, текст

Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Mr. Zero

  • аккорды, текст
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Mr. Zero
Mr. Zero:The Yardbirds.
#50 on UK Singles Charts on COLUMBIA
Records in 1966.


Diamonds of silvery rain in the fountains
    Abm                       E
and ten-cent red roses from department store 
Abm                      E             Eb
Watching the moonlight reflect off the river..
  Dbm            Eb               Dbm
beside where the trains cross the bridge and 
slow down.
Abm                          E          Eb
Trains with white letters on black iron sides..
    Abm                     E          Eb
and wild rushing water that all rolls away.
    Dbm         Eb           Dbm         Eb
And Little Miss Someone does not want to stay.
Abm                     E         Eb
Everyone's moving, with places to go..
    Dbm     Eb    Dbm          Eb            Abm
and Mr.  Zero, he sadly stands still..as the water 
                  E            Eb
goes one way, the train goes another..
    Dbm           Eb
Mr. Zero   stands still and Miss Someone don't 
Abm    Bb Eb

Yesterday's kiss will be cold by tomorrow, as 
Abm          Gb       E               Eb
campfires of midnight dissolve in the darkness.
    Abm                   E                Eb
The room is deserted, the blinds have been drawn,
Eb                      Dbm           Eb
Little Miss Someone has packed up and gone.
Abm                 E               Eb
Fast moving cars disappear down the highway,
     Abm             E                    Eb
with signs that say, hitch-hikers..do not disturb..
    Dbm        Eb      Dbm         Eb
Mr. Zero looks quietly up from the curb.
Abm                    E            Eb
Morning has faded, and shadows have grown, and Little
                Dbm        Eb
Miss Someone is on her way home.
    Abm         E                         Eb
Mr. Zero stands watching, her plane flies above,
         Dbm          Eb                         Abm  Bb
and with frost-bitten hands waves goodbye to his love.

Walks through the park on a bright summer Sunday
    Abm                  E           Eb
and tapestry kittens are hung on the wall.
         Abm                   E          Eb
They all die in the air like a soft minor chord,
  Dbm     Eb          Dbm      Eb
a vacancy sign, and a bulletin board.
    Abm                  E       Eb
Mr. Zero is wrapping his jacket around him,
         Abm                              E         Eb
speaking kind words that should have been said long ago..
    Dbm         Eb           Dbm         Eb
but Little Miss Someone does not want to know.
    Abm                        E           Eb
The night is deserted, there's dust on the shelf,
    Dbm       Eb         Dbm         Eb
Mr. Zero sits lonely and talks to himself.
     Abm                          E             Eb
It's too late to change, the fine line has been crossed..
    Dbm              Eb            Abm Ab   Gb Abm
the charades are all done, Mr Zero has lost.

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.


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