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Warren Haynes - Hattiesburg Hustle - аккорды и текст, видео

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Hattiesburg Hustle

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Hattiesburg Hustle
Warren Haynes
[F#m A E D] x 2

[F#m]Poor boy-          [A] hailed from Mississippi
[E]Had dreams           [D] beyond just a family
[F#m]Left home when     [A] he was just seventeen
[E] Never even looked   [D] back till he was twenty three
[F#m]By then he'd       [A] been through the ringer
[E]Made himself a       [D] name as a singer
[F#m]Read about in      [A] all of the papers
[E]How the boy got      [D] lost in the vapors

[B]Ego is a muscle [D7][C#7]just add fame and watch it swell

[F#m A E D] x 2

[F#m]Lot of things have [A]changed since the old days
[E]God bless the        [D]fool who gets in your way
[F#m]Too much time      [A]living with your own disease
[E]Too many lines       [D]blurring out the boundaries
[F#m]Lost friends       [A]fallen by the wayside
[E]Lost lovers          [D]take it all in stride
[F#m]Eyes closed[.]
(Eyes Closed) still it should be plain to see
You're not the boy that you used to be
[B]Ego is a muscle [D7][C#7]just add fame and watch it swell
[F#m A]
[B]Do the Hattiesburg Hustle [D7][C#7]shuffle 'em off to Hell
[F#m A E D] x 2

[F7] Take me back in time
[D] Show me things as they were
[F7] Let my soul unwind
[C] Take me to the place where [D]things ain't such a [E]blur

[F#m A E D] x 2

[F#m] Poor boy-[A] hailed from Mississippi 
[E] Had  dreams [D] beyond just a family

[F#m A]

[B]Ego is a muscle [D7][C#7] just add fame and watch it swell
[F#m A]
[B] Do the Hattiesburg Hustle [D7][C#7] shuffle 'em off to Hell

[F#m A E D] etc
Shuffle 'em off to Hell .... Rpt till end and adlib

[.] = Stop
Добавлено: 27.06.2014
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