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Чайковский в рок-аранжировке! Очень необычно, послушай!
Write me off, I'm going south for the year
So take me there, off the map,
That no one else could scale.
You sat me down, showed me the aeriels that resonate the skies
In between the visual lines, encompassing pines
In the greenery commons
Is it pressed in a book
A history unknown
An isle of concentrated mineral
In elapsed time
Directions to locate the fountain of karats
The sight of gold.

They sat me down on a point
And my eyes looked up in texture
The illuminating brim
A solid trilogy circle
Embedded in the rock orbital
When I'm gone you know where you find me: here.

It was immaculate in its beauty
A thousand words could never describe the colored brights
Forever, to a shore, 
Where you can dig the earth and let it run through your hands.
As deep as it will glow
We savored the last hour with the turning of the sun.

A visual shrine
Existing with electronic lines
An inseparable sign
Intertwined with the corkscrewed
Manifested woman
In front of me, toxicity
In front of me, she barely stood
Take me there.

It was immaculate in its beauty a thousand words
Could never describe the colored brights
Forever, to a shore.
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