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Tower Of Power - What Happened To The World That Day - текст песни, видео

Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

What Happened To The World That Day

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I remember lonely days
Having no one to talk to
Drifting slowly from place to place
Never knowing just what to do
But I'm not lonely now
My outlook has been altered now
I've changed my attitude
I feel mellow inside
What happened to the world (that day)
You came into my life (to stay)
Forever ever in my arms
Day by day
A steady stream
Of happiness as they come
Facing changes as they come
For that always tomorrow with you
So close to me
Having all the faith that I'll need
To face the world outside
With all that I am
A little here
Ooh, and a little there
Patiently building our dream
Coming home at six o'clock
I can just feel the warmth of love
A guiding light
My hope my joy my reason
For living this life I lead
You're all that I need
What happened to the world (that day)
You came into my life (to stay)
Oh yeah
Yeah baby
(What happened to the world)
I remember it well yeah
(What happened to the world)
It was on a special day baby
(What happened to the world)
Oh sweet mama
(What happened to the world) 
Was you
Oh baby
That's what happened on the special day
You come on in
And took control baby
I got to say it loud
Cause I'm so proud of you mama
Cause for now I'm proud
And we're together
Yeah baby say we're together
Me and you and you and me
That's what happened on that special day
Come on in.
Добавлено: 20.08.2014
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