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Tommy Cash - So You're Tired Of America - текст песни, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

So You're Tired Of America

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So you're tired of America

You're tired of having clothes to wear and shoes on your feet and enough to eat

You're fed up with the unpretendity to find a job and make at last a decent living

You wanna change it all revolutionize demonstrate march fight in the streets

And you want me to join you

Well we'd better stand upon our feet we'd better think before we speak

These are the things that make the nation weak

So you're sick of our flag to you the Red White and Blue no longer stands

Old Glory the symbol of freedom has lost its meaning

Bring old Glory down stop it burn it turn your back on it bring it down to stay

And while you're making a fireburn and growing long hair

Your brother has died in Vietnam you forgot that you are an American

Well we'd better stand upon our feet...

Oh have we thought about what we can do for our country

Instead of trying to make it weak

Have we thought about what the black men and the white men

Can do together I don't mean in the streets

Have we thought about those who have no arms and legs to fight with

And those who can't speak what would been done for them

Have we thought about what we can do them prove our schools

Instead of trying to degrade them

Whom we're trying them press anyway ourselves or our friends

What difference would it make fifty years from now to us

But what about the child you're wearing

Or is the hammer and sickle more pealing to you than the symbol of freedom

Well we'd better stand upon our feet...

So grow long hair wear dirty clothes curse the police

Burn your draftcard destroy our flag dishonor our nation

Hedgehop an airplane march in the streets

Forger that you're an American destroy yourself and I'll see you in hell

Cause that's what it's gonna be like after we're through

The great eagle no longer flies but lies dead in the south

And the great nation that wing falls with it

No I love America and so do you if you'll admit it

But we'd better stand upon our feet...

No you're not tired of America because you're not tired of being free
Добавлено: 16.05.2012
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