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Tism - You're A Long Way From Home Part 3 - текст песни

Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

You're A Long Way From Home Part 3

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Even to his own ears his words were losing meaning
These narratives of dispossesion, of alienation, of violent resentment
Resonates so strongly in modern popular youth culture
Precisley because youth experience is replete without rage
Powerlessness he thought their would be a leg turn, like back at his Uni 
Instead the pimpled green government issued plastic of the chair under him mockingly squeaks
Timed like a masterly fart to refute his analysis
The only faces still looking at him glaring patronising glee
most don't even care to see his undoing, this voiceless unarticulated rage
more potent preciesly because it remains dumb permeates the lyrics of modern rap artists
around him in the busted filth of the classroom the circle of students seems to form into one late adolescent face of sneered rejection "You callin' Tupac dumb?" says the face
Their teacher who invited him all the way out here to speak immediately stands up 
but they didn't need their sixteen or seventeen years of education in threat 
to sense the mans long defeated anger
Outside from the carpark reserved for guests of the school
he can faintly hear the almost routine scratching of duco
Your a long way from home brainy boy.

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