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Tism - Great Expectorations - текст песни

Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Great Expectorations

  • текст

Forget Generation X
Here's Generation Me
Spit the dummy
If you're looking for the breaks
But you ain't got what it takes
Just come down with the shakes, and
Spit the dummy

Spit the dummy
Chuck a wobbly
Have a paddy
Spit the dummy

The only way to get the perks
And climb above the other jerks
Turn on the waterworks
Spit the dummy
The world is a great big melting pot
There's those who do, and those who do their block
Why shoulder the weight of society
When a tantrum or two will get you what you need
Babies have got it right
Wake up crying in the night
Every time you get a fright
Spit the dummy

Jesus stuck up for the meek
Said turn the other cheek
But that'll put you up shit creek
Just spit the dummy

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