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The Damnwells - Kung Fu Grip Kiss - аккорды и текст, видео

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Kung Fu Grip Kiss

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Kung Fu Grip Kiss
The Damnwells
I thought my first tab submission should be from one of my favorite bands out there.  
might play this song with all 6 strings tuned down but it's easier to throw on a capo and 
like this.

Kung Fu Grip Kiss by The Damnwells

Capo 1st fret

Verse 1:

G                        D
Forgive me baby, for I'm so full of loss.
    Em                           C
I'm swelled up with sadness, and broken in parts.
G                        D
Forgive me baby, I know not what I do.
    Em                           C
But I do know, Honey, that I love you.

G                        D
Forgive me child, for the tears that I've cried.
        Em                           C
I'm so frightened to death, that I'm startin' to die.
G                        D
Forgive me child, if I can't find the truth,
       Em                        C
I was lookin' for Jesus, and I wound up with you.

Cracks in the ceilin',
Split-screen feelin',
And the sappy blues.
          Am                     C              G
We've got nothin' to lose, 'cept me missin' you.

G                           Em
No one's gonna let you down,
C                         D
No, not while I'm around.
G                           Em
No one's gonna leave you here,
C                         D
I will always be near.

Am        D
Can't you feel this?
            Am       D
It's like a kung fu grip kiss.
Am        D                   (C)
There are stars just for you. Wish.

Verse 2:
G                        D
Forgive me love, if the curse wasn't clear.
          Em                   C
There was so much to be when I looked in the mirror.
G                        D
Forgive me love, for my broken bones.
           Em                           C
It's this thing that's hard, breathing right through the phone.

G                        D
Forgive me grace, for my part in the war.
    Em                           C
I'm beatin' you down, breakin' right through the door.
G                          D
Forgive me grace, for the distance I feel.
      Em                      C
I was runnin' away from this thing that was real.



    C                             G
Becomin' free, prisoner, from his burnin' self.
 C                                 G
I'm with you, baby, rain or shine, heaven or hell.
Am        D       Am                   D
I can't be alone, without writin' this sad, sad song.
Am        D
When are you comin' home?

Repeat first part of chorus several times until the end
Добавлено: 23.05.2012
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