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The Answer - Never Too Late - текст песни, табы

Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Never Too Late

  • аккорды, текст
  • gtp-табы

Авторы музыки: Paul Mahon, James Heatley, Micky Waters, Cormac Neeson

                             Never Too Late - The Answer
Tabbed by: B-Rizzle
Email: breller3@uni.edu

Tuning: Drop D

This is the first song by The Answer that I heard and I loved it.  I tried to find it
here on UG.com but alas, it wasn't there.  Thusly, I have tried to do my best in figuring
the beginning part of this song, hoping that others would use this to perfect it and 
 So, this isn't exactly right, I'm just hoping someone else can improve on it.


h= hammer on
p= pull off
b= bend
x= scratch

The intro is different when they play live than what it is on the CD, so I didn't even
it because I couldn't see the guy actually playing it.  So I'll just go into the main

After the guy shreds, this is how I play it.

e --------------------------------------------------------|
B --------------------------------------------------------|
G --------------------------------------------------------|
D -3h5--3-------------0--x3-------------------------------|
A -----------5-3------0-----------------------------------|
E ---------------5b---0-------0h3-0h3-0h3--0h3h5-0h5------|

After playing that He adds a little variation to the next one:

e ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
D -3h5--3-------------0--x2-------------0-5-3--0-----------------------------|
A -----------5-3------0-------------0---0-5-3--0-----------------------------|
E ---------------5b---0-------0h3h5-0----------------0h3-0h3-0h3--0h3h5-0h5--|

Then play this, to lead into the main riff

e ---------------------------------------------|
B ---------------------------------------------|
G ---------------------------------------------|
D ---------------------------------------------|
A ---------------------------------------------|
E -0h3-0h3--0h3h5-0h5----0h3-0h3-0h3-5---------|

Main Riff:

e -----------------------|
B -----------------------|
G -----------------------|
D -3h5-xx-3-xxx--0h3-5---|  x8
A -----xx---xxx--0h3-5---|
E -----xx---xxx----------|


e -----------------------|
B -----------------------|
G -----------------------|
D -000-3--5--------------|  x12
A -000-3--5--------------|
E -----------------------|

Go back into main riff

This is the first little variation you hear in the second verse riff:

e --------------------------|
B --------------------------|
G ---------3h5b--5p3--------|
D -----3h5----------53------|
A -3h5----------------------|
E --------------------------|

Well, that's all I got.  I know it's not perfect, but it's the best I could do.  If you
either email me or just do it yourself.  Fin.   

Привет, гитарист!

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