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The Agonist - Memento Mori - текст песни

Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Memento Mori

Авторы музыки: The Agonist
Авторы текста: Alissa White-Gluz
Can't you see how far I've bent? 
Fuel abuse at my expense
The limbs that crawl up silken threads
And swift entomb the not quite dead

That sickening numbness hindsight hides
Like spiders creeps out from inside
Remember, simply don't pretend
Both good and bad will come to end

How love's blindfold wears so thin
The world's too strange when seen without
The arrow's head plunged so far in
My body taught me just how to live on without

You tore away a part of my body
So virgin pure
You fed off blood from my soul
No longer will your silhouette haunt me
Reject obsession
Let it burn in the cold

Writhing, wriggling free
From all the superficial constraints
But that sickening numbness hindsight hides
Like spiders creeps out from inside


Your fingers burn their prints on my skin
But greedy hands can't grope their way into my mind
No more will your venom reach my awe-glazed eyes
(Permanent scars)
Though my last hope was strangled
Although you've burned me

That corpse constantly shadowing my every move
With each step I take pavement grinds my flesh away
The precious static rest beneath my slumber holds me up
Though persuasion pulls me down

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