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Tea Party - The Interzone - текст песни, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

The Interzone

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so there i was in a time without a place
and a messenger came
he knew my name
called it out sought me out

he said, "god is dead and the devil reigns us all
it's a mystery to solve, so to save your face
know your place and fall from grace"

i never felt then so alone
was nothing sacred i've been shown
i feel i'm sinking like a stone
in the interzone...now

in this place all our cultures could collide
still religion divides
it's a sad excuse, such abuse 
i tell the truth
i know all is one but still nothing seems the same
it's a mysterious game
so now on my mark from the start
let's all fall apart

have you ever felt then so alone
where nothing's sacred nothing's shown
and you feel you're sinking like a stone
in the interzone now
Добавлено: 24.07.2012
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