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T-bone - Ride Wit Me - текст песни, видео

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T-bone - Ride Wit Me - текст песни, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Who this rapper tryin to step to me

Talkin bout you ain't really bout that ministry

Child please, we's them G's on them knees

Preachin from California to the Florida Keys, we be

Slangin the WORD, while they smokin they're herb

And dippin 64's, hittin switches on the curb

Then swerve back in place, bump that bass

Wit that sanctafied sound produced by that playa Chase

Like Mase, "Im fittin, makin ya feel so good"

When I bump this gospel music in your hood, Inglewood

West Covina, Pasadena, then take it to my gente, in Puente

I can't forget about all my patnas in the 415, 510, 916

Make them chips, we stick together like cement and bricks

Now just bounce to this playalisctic Boneybone hit



Dip bounce, side to side

And come ride wit a play from that killa Cali westside

Pyscho, westcoast, rider, music

For you and all your dawgs to ride to



Shh, ain't not talkin, while I'm puttin demons in coffins

Dippin in the Cadillac bumpin Dawkins and Dawkins

Got me wrapped up, tied up

If you love Cali, playa throw the Westside up 

now watch me ride like them hell's angels

In them Harleys, or them cowboys wit the blue wranglers

Swingin ther lasso, screamin wild wild west

Cuz where I'm from, you need a bullet prrof vest

Smoke the what for your stress

Nah dawg, hold up, wait a minute

Cuz ain't no high unless the Holy Ghost ain't rolled up in it

I get drunk in the spirit on a day to day basis

And preach the WORD, to my patnas catchin cases

Racist clicks too, piru flamed up in blue

Crips too, God wanna bless you

2, 3, 4 and 5, now close your eyes

And bump this in your ride while you glide and...





I just can't stop, makin suacy gospel hip hop

Fittin do this, til the day that I drop

Like Tupac, "who do you believe in"

I put my faith in God, blessed to be breathin

Preachin to the heathen, buckin them demons

Oh what a feelin, got the crowd screamin

Dancin on the ceilin

So hate if you wanna man, say what you say

But gospel rap wit Bone is like LA wit out a Dr. Dre

Or Sway without Tech, catchin wreck

Or these Californias streets without a ghetto vet

It ain't happenin, Bibles I'm still packin them

And jackin demons wit them 44 magnums


Добавлено: 06.03.2012
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