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Surfer Blood - Floating Vibes - аккорды и текст, табы, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Floating Vibes

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Floating Vibes
Surfer Blood
This is an easy to play chord/acoustic version of this song.

Capo on the 4th.
Chords used: Relative to capo
   C  F  A  E  Em G
e--0  1  0  0  0  3
b--1  1  2  0  0  3
g--0  2  2  1  0  0
d--2  3  2  2  2  0
a--3  3  0  2  2  2
E--x  1  x  0  0  3

Listen 2 track for rythem
Intro: C C C C F F X3
       C C C C  X1

A                 E     Em
Forget the second coming
           A               E  Em
I need you in the here and now
           A             E
Instead of dreamin' up a way to
                            G         C
Spread your name across the world somehow

         A                E      Em
When you told me you were leavin'
         A             E    Em
I wasn't thirsty for revenge
     A           E
No I wasn't disappointed much at all
                G      C
Cause you'll be back again

Solo: play this chord progression twice over

F-G-C     (repeat) listen for rythem

F                           C
If you're movin' out to the west
     F            G            C
Then you'd better learn how to surf
F                         C
The tide will break in on itself
             F         G         C
There are no ghosts to exhume or unearth

   F                       C
If you're gonna do it then do it
     F             G               C
Otherwise you just might lose your nerve
             F                     C
I swear that ocean it swallowed me fully
       F             G          C
And it might have to follow you home


play combination of C, F's and G's.

When you wake up in the morning
        G               C
And you hear that awful applause
       A               E     Em
Put it in your f**kin' napkin
    G        C
And watch it dissolve

You could seal it in an envelope
G                    C
Tuck it away in your safe
              A              E   Em
But you can't take it to the bank
              G       C
And you can't take it back

havning completely worked out the outro, but at the end it goes back to the same as the 
progression for the solo, however, i think you can do it like this instead.

Play the first bit the same of the solo chords.


and then play this tab

Добавлено: 05.06.2012
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