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Sublime - Garbage Groove - текст песни, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Garbage Groove

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[here they come now, you see that?yep both of the crewsthey look they gonna fight]We took this trip to garden groveIt smelt like
Lou in the van, oh yahThis ain't no funky reggae party $5 at the doorIt gets so real sometimes, who wrote my rhymeI got the
microwave got the VCRI got the duece-duece in the trunk of my car oh yahIf you only knew that all the love that I foundIt's hard to
keep my soul on the ground.Your a fool, don't fuck around with my GodAll I can see I stealMy folks don't understandBut my mind
music from JamaicaAll the love that I found, pull over there's a reason why my soul is unsoundIt's you it's that shit stuck under my
shoeIt's that smell inside the vanIt's my bed sheet covered with sandSitting through a shitty bandGetting dog shit on my handsGetting
hassled by the manWaking up to an alarmSticking needles in your armPicking up trash on the freewayFeeling depressed every
dayLeaving without making a soundPickin up my dog at the poundLivin in a tweeker padGetting yelled at by my dadActing happy
when I'm notFinding roaches in the potAll these things I do,They're waiting for you.
Добавлено: 21.04.2012
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