Rollin' On

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[VERSE 1 - ST]

Real is getting up in the morning hating life
Strife dealing with spilling guts, finish up with this fight, aight
Caught a reflection of myself in a raindrop
Seems like life ain't that ugly when you can make the pain stop
Or fadeaway, if you can't find one create a way
Jaded minds are slaves in lines until they stop the paper chase
Imagine a touch of rain hitting up a work of art
You might see it as ruined, I see it as a turned apart
What you see as a flaw might make it a masterpiece
Blur the lines till it you ain't sure about all the anatomy
What if my body of work ain't a 10 or 9
Regular minds can't fuck with this, I'm top 10, dead or alive
Never deny, if you believe in what you got
Acting stopped, this is real, rolling joints as tall as mountaintops
Round the block, they talking about me like I'm about to pop
But I remember I'm only as real as my last album flop
Still the hits are monstrous, dreams of hitting continents
Get on this shit, so far ahead I need to use binoculars
Provocative on purpose when you hear this better call it quits
Eloquent with a style, this is ignorance on a conscious tip
BITCH, ha...


ST, he's rollin' on
Better know all day he's rollin' on
Rami, he's rollin' on
Better know all day he's rollin' on

[VERSE 2 - ST]

And we back like the opposite of front, never stunt
It's all real, like this blunt, I been here from the jump
Like, I'm Jordan before the dunk
Pre-1993, all original at once
Got absurd flows that I'm stacking so if my purpose is lacking
I'm dropping dope rhymes for customer satisfaction
Rap in action packing punches hitting atoms picking factions over fashion
Riff and raffing like it's acting yet I never panicked
I'm in a zone of my own
Wanna get a muthafucka crowned? Move along
Cause this ain't bout kings and queens it's about who making songs
Call me Legend of the Fall, know what it's like to lose it all
And then to gain it back in major ways beginners feel the major pain
I'm realer than they ever gave me credit for the ace of spades
Never made charades I keep it straight as the shape up laid on you by my man Borey with razor blades
Go get that fade today
I'm the smooth brother with the paler shade but you can't deny my groove
The way I hit the green, you know the stick is tailor made
I'm just here to pave the way, Montreal saviour save the day
For ten years I just slaved away, enabling this greater state
Of writing was enlightened and soon I entered a great exchange
A conversation with the world where knowledge was the favoured trade
It created the full package, not that I'm bragging but I know what I got
Boom-bap or pop, I can kill both aspects
Closed-caskets, in this game they're all Cro-Magnons
It's all about my whole passion, this is just dope rapping

ST, he's rollin' on
Better know all day he's rollin' on
Rami, he's rollin' on
Better know all day he's rollin' on
ALAIZ, we rollin' on
Better know all day we rollin' on
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