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Snoop Dogg - 6:30 (feat. Wiz Khalifa) - текст песни

Fuck (fuck fuck...)
You know a nigga really don't wanna go to school today
Lemme call this bitch
Get my shit together

[Hook - Wiz and Snoop]
When I pull up people so fresh in my ride
We smoke the best you can buy
Them niggas talking it but they just don't go harder than us
Keep stunting just cause I can
These hoes know just who I am
Them niggas talking it but they just don't go harder than us

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
This one's for the g's all black Chuck's on the cuffs of my jeans
King size papes stuffed full of trees, I be with the boss dogg ya'll fuck niggas fleas
Now they say I'm hot, hundred somethin' degrees
Taking pictures with a young nigga cheese
Remember days homey, I ain't had a thing
Now I'm hoping off the plane putting roaches on the wing
And my hoes like queens, but we smoke like kings
Jewelry froze like bling
Money come fast, yours slow like (lean) [?]
Rolling up grass, sold weed to half the staff, so I know I'm gonna pass
Third period, showing up last
With a late note blowin' green smoke (laughs)


[Verse 2: Snoop Dogg]
We blow to the middle of the day
Wiz say dawg put a little in a jay
Hey, why not? Not why?
We fly, we ride, she high, he high, we high
Fuck it, everybody to the libary
Got a new batch, some blue - booberry
Stuck in the hallway, with a pass say dawg he just smoke all day
It's a mind game like Kareem I seem to keep migraines
I'm so lifted, like a parachuter
My grass stay off day off Ferris Bueller
Slip away, dip away, almost had to throw a zip away
But fuck that, this Taylor Gang, what you want dog
Shit I'm on everythang


[Outro - Snoop Dogg]
You niggas never had and you never will
You niggas never had and you never will
I said you niggas never had and you never will
Big Snoop and Wiz smoke with the kill (kill kill)

You niggers still in high-school, elementary ass niggas
Holla at me when you graduate
We be posted right by the 400 building
Room 420
Follow your nose, your nose knows (ha-ha)


Niggas ain't hard like us
Niggas soft as doctors cotton swabs
You bitchin'?
Smoke somethin'

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