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Slow Club - Dependable People And Things That Im Sure Of - аккорды и текст, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Dependable People And Things That Im Sure Of

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Dependable People And Things That Im Sure Of
Slow Club
Here's the 10th song from Slow Club's album "Complete Surrender". It's a beautiful, and restrained number 
sung rather spectacularly by Rebecca Taylor. I hope you enjoy!

               A             A7
I know that he loves me as I watch him leave
           D                       Dm
I'd do anything at all to hear his voice call me
                  A                         A7
But now there's a shadow where once stood a beam
                   D                 Dm
He's searching for colour in a sepia scene

        A         E             D
And the cold wind blows like my grip on a string
       A       E              D7                  Dm
That I held so close now he's not listening, he's not listening

             A                   A7
But I can go out there, I can be someone else
                D                    Dm
We all have the power to do this shit to ourselves
                 A                A7
But in the quiet times, where nobody can see
               D               Dm
I'm letting my thoughts get bigger than me

        A         E             D
And the cold wind blows and the spring never came
      A       E         D7                  Dm
And I feel so sick if I hear his name

          A                A7
Oh how he left me cause we went too far
               D                     Dm
I looked at my body, I learnt how to drive a car
         A                   A7
I had my family and I had my friends
              D                      Dm
But oh, how I wanted to be with him again

      A         E              D
And I know he's somewhere that he wants to be
      A    E          D7                 Dm
And I only wish he wanted that with me

              A               A7
But I can run further than I could before
                 D                   Dm
And I can laugh louder, I can dance 'til I'm sore
            A                 A7
Then in the morning, I can do it again
                    D                       Dm
I just have to keep moving, don't ever stop moving

                A                    A7
And all of this envy and all of this fear
               D                     Dm
Will just be a memory of this shitty year

        A       E          D
And I'm so much older than I want to be
            A       E         D7                 Dm
But there's so much more if I take it easy

(A       E          D)X2

Добавлено: 07.09.2014
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