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Sleater-kinney - Kinney - Was It A Lie? - текст песни, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Kinney - Was It A Lie?

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The yard was cold and dark
The tracks were clearly marked
But she was tired/she didn't see
She was just out alone
She wasn't going home
She was going somewhere far away
The train was moving through
As we know the world has to do
Everyone will say it was her fault
Somewhere a camera is placed
Inside this awful place
The accident is about to start
Was it a lie?
Did it fill your head
Did it entertain?
Will you feel alive
at the end of it?
When the collision came
She died right away
Her body flung almost sixty feet
And as she split in two
Was she coming straight for you
And do you have a camera for a face?
Was she your TV show
Was she your video
A woman's pain never private, always
I want to close my eyes
I want to cut the wires
I want a day not made for you to see
When you play it back to me, it feels more
like a parody
And that's all I will ever be, it's all I will
ever be
I really don't care about it, I don't care if
it's cold
I really want to be the prettiest wreck
you've seen
(You broadcast it in 50 states
Looped her death on the internet
And a woman's life got cheaper that day
A woman's life got cheaper that day)
Добавлено: 22.11.2014
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