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Sioux Falls - In Case It Gets Lost - аккорды, текст

Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

In Case It Gets Lost

  • аккорды, текст
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In Case It Gets Lost
Sioux Falls
Not entirely sure about the last part, let me know if you figure it out.

[Verse 1]

Am                   D      F
i guess i'll live another way
Am                   D      F
it's so romantic when our lungs disintegrate
an astronaut floating in
D                  F
the shadows of the severed limbs
of everyone that's ever been
D             F
and graduated man you made it
bleeding out space debris
D               F
stillborn loves breathe heavenly
and in and out again
D          F
and in and out again


              Am            C         F
i thought you dropped
              Am            C         F
your ceiling stopped
              Am      C    F
breathing hot mess on your tongue
              Am         C      F
heaving cold gusts through your lungs

[Verse 2]

        Am   C                     F
a loose tarp flapping against your head
               Am     C       F
it sounds like winter back in 1998
your mom will stay in bed
    C                    G
for hours her eyes are emptier
     Dm              F
than anything you've ever seen
    C               G
you swear this is a movie
     Dm                   F
your life's some stupid tv show
   C                 G
on nick at nite your sister used
   Dm               F
to stay up late and watch with you
    C                   G
you saw her face in the tv
past dog hairs stuck
by static electricity
    C                    G
and mix cd's with modest mouse
Dm                                   F
the first time at your best friend's house
    C                    G
the stereo made sense to you
    Dm        F
and bedroom's seemed to come unglued
     C                      G
from houses anchored to the ground
       Dm                    F
you're falling skyward not a sound
   C           G
it is ok to be alone
  Dm                F
it is ok to stay at home
      C                     G
there is no need to hate yourself
        Dm                 F
for the failing parts that make you real


  Em        G                Dm
i know that you will live to do
another thing that makes you smile
  Em          G                Dm
i know you'll see the northern lights
and cry and say it's been worthwhile
   Em           G         Am                    F
to stay up long enough to see the sun return to us
    Em             G
for years until it floats away
   Am                  F
a balloon on some lost saturday   
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