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Sean Paul - Uptown Haters (Skit) - текст песни

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Uptown Haters (Skit)

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hmmmm.. hmmm hmm hmm hmmm.. (hmming continues)

(phone rings)


hey wats up man?

big rave goin on tonight and u rollin wit me?


there are no raves in jamaica matthew, what are u talkin about?

naa they carrying dis guy from a biza, man

a guy from a biza?

yea,  it gonna be it gonn be off da hook

matthew... (laughs) the last time u guys try to get me to a to a rave, i ended up at some (dancehall event) 

no this time.. theres glowsticks, it gonn be off the hook, the works

uhhh...matthew matthew, the last time u spoke to me about a rave it was dancehall it was sean paul

no, theres very hot girls in cages though u no, but its not

dutty?, dutty eh

some rubbish on the stage, jumpin up and down.

and it was total foolishness

its not wat u thinkin sharky

u kno i'm not into dancehall

no, but sharky, this time..

i really... i really wish u would not try to trick me to goin to dese dancehall events wit u guys

i'm not tryin to trick you.. sh-- its

cause i'm not into de  dance hall


and u kno i believe dance hall is rubbish right?

its n-- its a rave


i'm not going to allow u to fool me

shark, ur not hearing me, its rave!

into gettin me to go to a dancehall event

no.. (sighs)

there's no more of me going to dancehall events!

this is every-- everyting u..

there are no raves, u're not going to fool me

this is everything u like

again, ever all right? no more! it's rubbish!   

Привет, гитарист!

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