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Rick Ross - Street Love - текст песни, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Street Love

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[Intro: T-Low]
Yeah Suave House, street love
(Hold up)
Let's take it to the streets

[Interlude 1: T-Low]
All my [?] beamers & Lexus & Jeeps
With the 12's in the trunk to make you beat
All my country playboys be going deep
All my country play girls are the stone freaks

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
I came up in the gutter, ski masks and gloves
Running up on different cars, flashing the drugs
Chasing the paper, never after the love
After I crush perhaps I blush
Blasting the truck
You step in the mansion, you asking to fuck
This is Suave House baby we ain't passing the cuts
Blasting the cuts, gassing her up
She look like her man be lacking to touch

[Verse 2: NEXT]
She can say I'm simple, I don't ask a lot
Catch me in the drop when it's hot, smoking pot going out [?] be like what
When it comes to the ladies, you might call me crazy
I like a whole lot of street and a whole lot of freak
A love that can represent me

[Hook: T-Low]
I'm talking bout street love
Making love in the back of the truck
Or on the hood if it's sunny enough
Don't care if anybody see us
I'm talking bout street love
Life of a woman in love with a thug
Poppin bottles of Cris at the club
A little drama but she's the one

[Verse 3: NEXT]
I got a quarter piece
With pretty [?] that never brings [?] freak
A little bit of hood like me sexy
Ain't afraid to tip Hennessy with me, ooh
I used to [?], she makes me [?]
Love of my life no doubt
She's something I can tell mom about
She's just..

[Hook: T-Low]

[Interlude 2: T-Low]
[?] extensions while we drenching
In the rain I'm hidden on park benches
Love love, (love love)
Love love, (love love)
I'm talking bout at you job while your on your lunch break
In the car cuz I can't wait (can't wait), love love

[Verse 4: Rick Ross]
Tef still rockin the ballys
Go shopping in Cali
Coppin the Nally
Dodging the rallies
I'm gettin it right, neck, swimming in ice
Your net worth buddy, I bet on the dice
Best in the light, it's simple and plain
You the coolest bitch in the game
Who's [?] the same
Yeah I might be the groupie
Came from the wife beater to the cool G, that's me
For slim I put rims on the peach Porsche
A place, fish tank two brims and a sea horse
Nice guy's what she thought
Til she saw my face bearing the reward, [?]
Passports to Honduras ain't nothin to it
Flashing [?] you pickin' the wild tulips
Still focus on the money
Still smoking on the gummy
Making sure we're not the next [?] & Ronnie

[Hook: T-Low]

[Outro: T-Low (NEXT)]
All my [?] beamers & lexus jeeps
(street street love, (street street love)
With the 12's in the trunk to make you beat
(street street love, (street street love)
All my players out there who go deep
(street street love, (street street love)
All my ladies out there who are stone freaks
(street street love)
Suave House, you hear me
Uh oh
Добавлено: 17.11.2014
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