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Red Horse - Coshieville - аккорды и текст, видео

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Red Horse - Coshieville - аккорды и текст, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга
Red Horse
Red Horse - Coshieville

## NOTE: Gsus = 330003 ##

CAPO: 2nd Fret


The west winds blow to Coshieville
                        G   D
And with the winds came we
                G    Gsus  G     C
Where the river hugs the   wood
Blackthorns bloom in May, there stood
  D            G 
A single rowan tree
 C                   G
So young and tender, so were you
  D                 G     Gsus  G     C
I loved you both as there you   grew
The day I took the road that leads
   D              G
By Rannoch to the sea

We carved our names in Coshieville
                      G      D
The rowan leaves were still
                       G  Gsus  G     C
The darkening West was in your  eyes
Despite your kisses and my lies
                D           G 
My thoughts had crossed the hill
  C                       G
I broke your heart as the minutes passed
      D                       G   Gsus  G     C
For I shrugged and said, that nothing   lasts
                      G             D
Many is the backwards glance I cast
As I went North to the drill

The big wheels rumble up and down
                     G    D
The lorries know the way
                    G       Gsus  G    C
I raised my hand, I hitched a     ride
We crossed the bridge at Rannochside
         D              G 
Where the diesel motors play
       C               G
Then I set myself to a cliff of stone
   D                  G  Gsus  G     C
My ears to the boring-hammer's drone
                  G           D
The ache inside I ruled alone
You were far away

But the money moved from Erich's Loch
        C                   G    
And the Great Glen beckoned on
        D       G     Gsus  G    C
At Moriston the hills grew  pale
                            G           D
We fought and drank through Old Kintail
'Til our money soon was gone
     C                 G                 D
Then I cursed Loch Aweside's autumn rain
                  G  Gsus  G     C
The winter whisky in Dun---blane
                    G                        D
'Til the west winds rose in the spring again
And my heart leapt at its song

  G                            C
I came at night to Coshieville
                 G     D
A dozen hills of flame
                G    Gsus  G    C 
You had another hand to    hold
                     G             D
Beneath the names we carved of old
There was another name
    C                      G             D
You looked me through, you made no sign
                   G  Gsus  G    C
I drank the cup of bitter   wine
                     G              D
For well we knew the fault was mine
And I went the road I came
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