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Red Cafe - Faded - текст песни, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга


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I got a feeling
A real good feeling
I'mma be faded
The bar is open
We just bought it
I'mma be faded
Let the Champagne pour
[Red Cafe]
Damn I look good, Somebody take a photo
I run my his-house, You can ask Jojo
Yank fitted on, My money on Jeter
My girls all dimes, Lou Vuitton Divas
I'm fly like an overnight letter
Shorty, sleep with me
Make your overnights wetter
Better I'm faded (I'm faded)
And tonight I'm gonna get wasted
See to everybody listening, if it's on I'mma get at 'em
I can say whatever I'm a tax paying citizen
Middle finger up, I ain't got a conscience
I just go hard like the trio from Yonkers
Head honcho, Kush in the console
Bad boy, now they shook like Cosmo's
I'm all that, everyday all black
Got Ciroc on deck so I'm faded off that


[Rick Ross]
Two homes on the block
Each one a mil and this ring on my finger is an E-1 deal
Canary yellow stone, can't be faded
Fatigue belt, 45 made for the Navy
Young niggas ready to grapple down ya buildin'
I'm living chilling, arms wrapped around a Brazilian
In the presence of a Don, be cautious but calm
Can't be faded, two pills a charm
She licks on my chest, reading tatts on my arm
Hit her form the back, same time my mind blown
Speechless so she scream in silence
A real bad boy and all my speeches violent


[Red Cafe]
Pour for them white girls, them light girls
We just buy all these bottles cause it excites girls
Yeah shorty go on kill a runway
I knew you would have been a supermodel one day
I'm mashing out lighting up on a highway
Shit, I'm supposed to be high
It's the highway
Anybody wanna eat? Come saddle up
My team getting money, everybody tatted up
Marqee status, flights no baggage
Dope dicks make these hoes Cafe addicts
And I am the most hated
Bottles to the face, shake it up then spray it
Добавлено: 08.08.2014
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