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Red Cafe - All Night Long - текст песни, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

All Night Long

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Hey! All the way back from the 213! 310!
Across to the 313! 404! Back to the 718, nigga!
Brooklyn! [*in background* - What?! Ohh!!]
This Chef Boy IzzR
I got the homie B Flame in the spot
And this the new hot (all night long!)
Tell them bouncer niggaz let my niggaz in the building
We gon get this motherfucker started
Yeah! Oh! Yeah! (all night long!)

[Verse 1]
Hey yo my money ain't never short
Ask my hoes, my dick never soft
Uh oh! I got a mean bop in my walk
And I'm from the well known Brooklyn, New York, okay!
Now if you see me please don't holler
But baby if you feel me you can throw me a dollar
Hey shorty over there with the big ol' hair
She look a lil' heartbroken, let me give you a fix
Now we could burn em, burn 'em good leaves from the earth
Till you get a buzz, get to lifting your skirt
The whole east coast wanna know who banging
Tell 'em boys Shakedown and we got them things!
Well what the fuck!! (all night long!)

[Chorus - repeat 2x]
If you got some style
You can turn ya collar up, put ya dollars up
Now pull ya hat down low, okay!
Now back them bitches up off ya! (all night long!)

[Verse 2]
Go head dawg, get ya dollars, I got 'em in abundance
I'm from the bottom, I get it from the dungeons
Yeah they thirsty, waiting on my debut
I chase cash, not cat, like Pepe Le Pu
I got style, dressed in Gucci
Brooklyn nigga, A-Town stomping to Oochie-whoa!
Hit 'em high, hit 'em low
Pedal to the floor in the 6 cause the 5 too slow
Oh! Cafe, but I like parquet
All Star Game I'm found right on the parquet
Yeah! What up shorty?! You hot shorty!
You make me wanna pass the route to you shorty!


[Verse 3]
Hey yo, I don't negotiate
R&B chicks want me to procreate
That lame over there, yeah I know he hate
Just because he got a safe, nah he ain't safe
Why all the big talk dawg, you ain't hot
You ain't ready for the Thug Life, you ain't Pac
You the type that act tough when you pop in a room
But I know yo style, you wouldn't pop a balloon
You wanna get some money, you wanna get some cash
Fuck wit some real G niggaz, from the Ave
Holla Shakedown! when we checkin attendance
I'm on my +Grizzly+, like I play for +Memphis+


What?! Ohh!! What?! Ohh!! What?! Ohh!!
All night long!
What?! Ohh!! What?! Ohh!! What?! Ohh!!
All night long!
Добавлено: 09.08.2013
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