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Ramblin Jack Elliott - Railroad Bill - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Railroad Bill

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Railroad Bill
Ramblin Jack Elliott
This version is not exactly like any particular version but is rather a blend of many, 
Joan Baez, Jack Elliot,
Alan Lomax and others.
I use two chord progressions here, either I, III7, IV, I, V, I  or  I, I7, IV, II7, I, V,I.
I like to use them on alternating verses but either one is fine for the whole song.  
I've also included a bunch
of spare verses, again, use them wherever you wish and only as few or as many as you 
wish.  If you've got the
players present there are lots of opportunities for instrumental breaks.  Have fun!


Railroad Bill, Railroad Bill
E7                      F
He never worked, and he never will,
          C     G    C
and it's ride, ride, ride.

C                  C7
Railroad Bill, he ain't so bad,
F                        D7
killed his momma, shot a round in his dad
C        G        C
Ride old Railroad Bill.

Railroad Bill done took my wife.
E7                              F
If I'd said a word, he'd have taken my life
         C        G        C
And it's Ride old Railroad Bill.

C                           C7
Railroad Bill he was comin' down the hill
F                      D7
Lightin' cigars with a ten-dollar bill
C        G          C
Ride old Railroad Bill

Ten policemen, all dressed in black,
E7                             F
coming out of nowhere, walking down the tracks,
            C           G        C
and they're looking for Railroad Bill

C                     C7
Railroad Bill, comin' round the fence
F                             D7
Robbin' a passenger train for 16 cents
          C        G        C
I'm gonna ride old Railroad Bill

Railroad Bill got in a gamblin' game
E7                         F
shot a man down, though he was to blame
C                             G      C
when you lose your mind, just let it loose

C                    C7
Railroad Bill he's a mighty bad man
F                       D7
Shot the lantern from a brakeman's hand
C                    G      C
Just to see that man suffer pain.

Got a great long pistol, 'bout as long as your arm,
E7                             F
I'm gonna shoot everybody ever done me harm
         C     G     C
And it's ride, Bill, ride.

C                       C7
Got a .38 special on a .45 frame.
F                     D7
How can I miss when I got dead aim
C     G     C
Ride, ride, ride.

Gonna drink my whiskey, gonna drink it in the wind
E7                                   F
The doctor said it'd kill me, but he didn't say  when,
         C        G        C
And it's ride Old Railroad Bill

C                         C7
Going up on the mountain, going out west.
F                             D7
Thirty eight special sticking out of my vest.
C     G         C
Ride, ride Bill Ride.

(I usually use this as the last verse.)

Railroad Bill, Railroad Bill
E7                      F
He never worked, and he never will,
C     G     C
Ride, ride, ride.
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