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Radiohead - I Will - аккорды, текст, табы

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I Will

  • аккорды, текст
  • gtp-табы
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I Will
Radiohead - I Will
tabbed by Trevor
send comments, questions, or corrections to schnergen2000@yahoo.com

                        This is a simple chords tab for beginners like myself who want
be able to actually play this song and sing it at the same time. it doesn't have the
but difficult guitar picking tabbed out, there are other tabs on here for that when you 
ready for it. enjoy

Chords used:
Ab:  (466544)          F#m: (244222)
C#m: (x46654)          E  : (022100)
A  : (577655)          F# : (244322)

Ab  C#m                 A          Ab
 I  wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill lay me down
     C#m                A        Ab
in a buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunker underground
        C#m             A         Ab
i won't let this happen to my children
         C#m               A               Ab
meet the real world coming ooooout of your sheeeelll
           C#m               A             Ab
with white elllephaaaaaaaaaaaants, sitting ducks
  C#m                 A        Ab
i wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill rise up

A      F#m     Ab    E     F#    Ab
little babies' eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes
A      F#m     Ab    E     F#    Ab
little babies' eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes
A      F#m     Ab    E  F#    E
F#   Ab         C#m
little babies' eyes, eeeeyes, eeeeeeeeeeeeyes

what a beautiful song   

Привет, гитарист!

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