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Queensryche - The Chase - текст песни, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

The Chase

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You think you're smart, inventive 
because you've figured out my game? 
Pride is a handy substitute, 
when you've got only yourself to blame. 
All my dreams I've realized while you . . . were indisposed. 
While you've spent eighteen years watching TV, 
I've watched my fortune grow. 

Here I am—I'm finally on the outside and 
You're nowhere near where I've been! 
I've got you where I want you . . . at last. 
You've got no idea who I am! 
We circle around each other waiting for reaction 
We circle around each other waiting for reaction 
wanting satisfaction for the past. 
I want nothing . . . from the past. 

Always been so easy you're like a puppet on my string, 
throwing down hollow threats, unsure of what to think. 
Why should I care? 
You wouldn't dare! 
You're nothing but worthless . . . I swear. 

From where I stand I've got you where I want you. 
You'll never take me! Never take me down! 
I've seen all I need to put you in the ground 
Revenge is normal, a typical reaction 
I've seen your cynical reaction . . . 
if you're standing outside of in. 
always on the outside of in. 

Here we are at last facing oblivion . . . 
And this is where finally it ends. 
You don't belong here. 
holding fast to each of our sins. 
With hope by my side, I'll survive to see the dawn. 
Believe me or not . . . you owe me. 
I owe you nothing! 
I gave your life a purpose! 
I owe you nothing but your death! 
Without me you wouldn't have learned a thing!

Thanks to thudord@yahoo.com
Добавлено: 03.03.2012
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