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Pupil - Blow Your House Down - табы, видео

Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Blow Your House Down

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 Title: Blow Your House Down
 Artist: Pupil
 Album: Beautiful Machines
 OST: “Hoodwinked” animated film
 Transcribed by: Allan John G. Amisola 
 E-mail add: kogure_18spider@yahoo.com
 Date/Time: Sunday, May 07, 2006 –3:23 pm
         Eto para sa mga feeling bata!!!!!

 [Intro] C#--

 [Verse 1]

 Do what you want
 'Cause i don't care
 Just buy me a souvenir
 While you're there

 [Chorus] do chord pattern.. C#--F#--C#

 No one told you I was abroad
 Does it strike you as a bit odd?
 If only for the weekend
 I need a break a chance to
 Blow your house down

 [Verse 2]

 Satiate the bug in your eye
 Screaming like it's fourth of july
 Preying in innocence
 I'm incensed
                       rep. Intro—C#, A, C
 Wanna blow your house down 

 [Bridge] C-Am7-Dm-C#, A, C,(3x)..C(4x)

 Poseurs calling me names
 Ambition rears it's ugly head
 There's no excuse to be lame
 In a sea of empty waves...
 In a sea of empty waves...
 In a sea of empty waves...
 In a sea of empty waves...

 [Adlib] C#-F#-C#

 [Repeat chorus]

 C#-C#-A-G#, A, G#, C#, A, G#
 Down, down, down
 Gonna blow your doors wide open
 Gonna blow your doors wide open
 Yeah, yeah, yeah.

      All Rights Reserved
          © Copyright 2005
            These Chords are made by Allan John G. Amisola®.
                    Law prohibits all public performances and illegal disclaimers of 
                          this tab and has a specific punishment.   
Добавлено: 02.06.2013
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