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Phenomenauts - Welcome Backspace Girl - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Welcome Backspace Girl

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Welcome Backspace Girl
Hey -=Cadets=- here be a song or two for ya off of Re-Entry.

Welcome Back/Space Girl

If you have any questions then you can email me at jester1570@gmail.com

Both songs are in standard tuning and use the same chord progressions but use different



	A	F#	D	E	C	F	F#(bridge only)


I will let you guys figure out the strumming because it is quite
simple but effective for the feel of the songs. They also use the
same lyrics so I will dictate both at the same time even though
they are two different songs.

Welcome Back/Space Girl:

A	F#    D    	E

Welcome back space girl. 

A	  F#		 D	E

You're in charge of your world. 

A	F#    D		E

You can mess around. 

A	 F#	   D	     E

But your mine when you're in town.

Chorus 4x

D	    E

Space Girl, welcome back


A	   F#	      D		E

You're the one that I love.

A	F#	 D		E

Love to have you above me

A	  F#	D	E

More than any---one

A	   F#		 D	E

Though the others have a lot of fun


C		     A

She'll come back and then she'll be with me

C		     A

She'll come back and then you all will see

C		     A

She'll come back and she won't be with you

F		  	   F#

She'll come back, it's the only thing to do

A	   F#	   D	E

You're the bravest one

A       F#	   D	E

Not afraid to have fun

A     F#	D	E

In front of anyone

A	   F#		  D	  E

There's no doubt she's my #       1


*The rest does not exist in Space Girl, only in Welcome Back*

Final verse(no guitar)

She knows all about science
She is not in complience
With your old time views
She is invulnerable to your abuse


So I hope this has brought about much greatness in your playing and have fun with it.
Добавлено: 08.07.2012
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