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Parquet Courts - Berlin Got Blurry - аккорды и текст, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Berlin Got Blurry

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Berlin Got Blurry
Parquet Courts
Em  G  Em 

[Verse 1]
G                     C
Döner wrapper done right, and extinguished
G                     C
Crotch of a rollie inside yellow fingers
G                        C                         G   C
Nothing lasts but nearly everything lingers in life
G                        C
Cellphone service is not that expensive
G                                 C             
But that takes commitment and you just don't have it
G                         C
It feels so effortless to be a stranger
G                             C
But feeling foreign is such a lonely habit

[Bridge 1]
Em                          Am 
You can't crop yourself out of a picture
Em                            C
You're out of focus but still framed inside

[Chorus 1]
Well Berlin got blurry
       D                         Am
And my heart started hurting for you

Em G Em 

[Verse 2]
G                     C
Loud mouth living got you some attention
G                        C
And second chances given without doubt
G                                    C                     G     C
'Guess you've got a history but it's not worth a mention tonight
G                        C
Kind ears captive to the beers you've purchased
G                         C
Sipping through scenes of plastered confession
G                             C
Telling pretty stories, is it your sole purpose?
G                          C
Telling everybody that you learned your lesson

[Bridge 2]
Em                            Am
But no one's falling for that nice guy bullshit
Em                         C
They waited years, you can wait one night

[Chorus 2]
Well Berlin got blurry
        D                       Am
When my eyes started telling it to

Em  G      (x3)
Em  Am     (x2)
Em  Am C

[Verse 3]
G                                C
Funny how it charms you, that Teutonic frankness
G                             C
Listen and it arms you with a new type of patience
G                              C                       G   C
Maybe it alarms you because it tastes so familiar and wild
G                               C
French fries, hot dog, ketchup, main ingredients
G                                   C
Swears in flawless English it's the best in town
G                        C
Funny how a sameness can not be distinguished
G                                 C
Strangeness is relieving when you point it out

[Bridge 3]
Em                      Am
But email poems slogans an example
Em                      C
Of three things I can't unify

[Chorus 3]
Well Berlin got blurry
      D                       Am
As my thoughts all hurried to you

Em  G  Em  Am
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