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Oingo Boingo - Pictures of You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Pictures of You

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Pictures of You
Oingo Boingo
Intro: Am

 Am                         F/A                          Am
Pictures of you, it's just pictures of you, through the bedroom door
          F/A                       Am
With that sly little grin, says you want it some more
             F/A                    Am
But there's people around, and they don't look so nice
        F/A                            Am
Tell me why don't they move, this has happened before
          Adim                                       Am  /C  /B  Am    Am
This has happened before, it's just pictures of you, in darkness

 Am                         F/A                         Am
Pictures of you, I'd been sleeping for hours, when you came to my house
            F/A                      Am
You'd been lost in a crowd, said you had to get out
         F/A                        Am
You were covered with tears and you said you were sad
So you wanted to play, yes, you wanted to play

         F/A                           Am
Well you touched me and smiled, as you let yourself go
        F/A                               Am
Oh, but something was wrong, 'cause your touch was so cold
           F/A                        Am
Like you'd been in the ground and you asked if you could stay
          Adim                           Am   /C  /B  Am    Am
And I said no, it's just pictures of you, in darkness

 Am                      F/A                          Am
Pictures of you, in that lovely white dress, oh your skin was so white
         F/A                         Am
With the moon in your eyes, on that cold winter night
          F/A                         Am
When your lips were so soft, that I thought they would melt
         F/A                         Am
And the sound of your breath and the way that you felt
And I said yes, and I said yes

          F/A                     Am
It's just pictures of you with a knife in your hand
        F/A                     Am
With a rose in your teeth lying nude in the sand
          F/A                        Am
It's just pictures of you, standing high on a cliff
          F/A                      Am
With the wind in your hair, and a smile on your lips
         F/A                           Am
And your eyes were so wild, when you started to laugh
         F/A                        Am
Blending in with the wind, sounded just like a scream
       Adim                                      Am   /C  /B  Am    Am
Why do pictures of you, come to me when I dream, in darkness

 Am               Am               Am
Pictures of you, pictures of you, pictures of you

Possible guitar for Am transitions:      chords:

      x2        x2                      Am  F/A  Adim
Добавлено: 10.12.2015
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