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Oingo Boingo - Cinderella Undercover - аккорды и текст, видео

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Cinderella Undercover

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Cinderella Undercover
Oingo Boingo
Intro--- Bb   F#   Gm   Bb   F#   F   Bb   F#   Gm   C#   B   A   Eb
Riff---- G then add 7x2   G   C#

[C]When I was young, my [F]mind would always wander [G-G7]away 
[C]I couldn't talk, [F]never had nothin to [G-G7]say 
[Bb]But now I'm grown, [F]nothing much seems to have [D]changed 
I think I'm going [C]insane yeah, yeah, yeah, [B]yeah, [Bb]yeah

[Bb]Is this a fairy tale, [F#]are you the seven [Gm]dwarves 
[Bb]Did Snow White really die [F#]while fighting in the [Gm]war? 
[F]They were the only friends I ever trusted [Bb   F]
[F]Now they're scattered, and livin' in the city [Bb   F] 
[F]Unlisted numbers, hmmmpfph

[Gm]Cinde[Bb]rella [F]under[Gm]cover 
[Bb]I say, [F#]better alive than dead  [G-G7riff x2 G  C#]

[C]The war is coming, but there's [F]nothing much that we can [G-G7]do 
[C]Stuck in a pay-phone, but the [F]operator won't let me [G-G7]through 
[Bb]I close my eyes, but the [F]memories burn in my [D]brain 
I think I'm going [C]insane yeah, yeah, yeah, [B]yeah, [Bb]yeah 

[Bb]I heard a rumor, [F#]they said it's gone [Gm]nuclear 
[Bb]I stockpile cigarettes, and [F#]doublebolt the [Gm]door 
[F]A sanctuary for all my friends [Bb   F]
[F]We'll stay in bed until the world ends [Bb   F]
[F]So please don't wake me, I gotta get some sleep 

[Gm]Cinde[Bb]rella [F]under[Gm]cover 
[Bb]I say, [F#]better alive than dead [G-G7 riff X2  G   C#]

Instrumental--- Over verse chords   [C   F   G x2   Bb   F   D}

I think I'm going [C]insane, yeah, yeah, yeah, [B]yeah, [Bb]yeah 

[Bb]Is this a fairy tale, [F#]this can't be real 
[Gm]There's fighting all around, they're screwing in the fields 
[Bb]They say that values change when [F#]hunger or ambition strikes 
[F]Survival is essential, at any cost or any price 
[Bb]The cartoon animals on [F#]Old McDonald's farm 
Are [Gm]nodding off in hotel rooms with needles in their arms 
[Bb]The seven dwarves, HA!, there's [F#]only four alive today 
[F]Cinderella's working for the CIA 

[F]Cinderella, the fairy tale's over [Bb   F]
[F]You should know, you got the scars to prove it [Bb   F] 
[F]And your skin isn't as soft as it used to [Bb   F] 
[F]But I don't care, come on and jump in baby 

[Gm]Cinde[Bb]rella [F]under[Gm]cover 
[Bb]I say, [F#]better alive than 
[Gm]Cinde[Bb]rella [F]under[Gm]cover 
[Bb]I say, [F#]better alive than [Gm]dead

Outro---   Bb   F#   Gm   Bb   F#   F   Bb   F#   Gm   C#   B   A   Eb   Gm   
Добавлено: 20.10.2013
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