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Oingo Boingo - Change - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Авторы: Danny Elfman

Oingo Boingo
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 18:45:06 -0700
From: Jack Skellington 
Subject: Tab: Change by Oingo Boingo

Song: Change
Band: Oingo Boingo
Album: Boingo / Farewell Live
Written by: Danny Elfman
Tabbed by: boingo692x@mail.telis.org

This is a chord representation of the song.  There are several solos that I
will not be tabbing, it is sixteen minutes long.  This should give you the
basic gist of the song.  If anyone has the tab for the whole song send it
to Harmony Central and add it to the Oingo Boingo section of tab.

Verse 1

C#                        B B  C#           F#
Don't you ever wonder why         nothing ever seems to change?

E                                                  Ab
if it does it's for the worst     seems it's just a modern curse

C#                        B B  C#           F#
Sometimes when I take a peek      outside of my little cage

E                                                Ab
everyone looks so asleep,         will they die before they wake and


A                                C#                 Ab
hey... don't ya know?             we're just products of our time and

A                                C#                Ab
hey... whaddya say?               show me yours i'll show you mine...

Verse 2

C#                        B B  C#               F#
Better dumb and happy than        smart and without any friends

E                                               Ab
better cute and better loud       better join up with the crowd

C#                        B B  C#                  F#
Keep up or be left behind         there's a dust storm in my mind

E                                                   Ab
seems I can't see straight these days doesn't matter anyway and


A                                C#                 Ab
hey... don't you know?            we're just products of our time and

A                                C#                Ab
hey... whaddya say?               show me yours I'll show you mine...

A                                F#
hey... whaddya say?               hey... whaddya say?

please don't ever...


C#           B B C#          Fsus4 Fsus4
oh god here's that question now

C#           B B C#          Fsus4 Fsus4
the one that makes me go insane

C#           B B C#       Fsus4 Fsus4
I'd gladly tear my heart out

C#                   B B C#         Fsus4 Fsus4
if you would never, never, never, never      change...

Just to clarfiy, the octave number given are simply to show relativity. (ie,
between F# and F), as the song is played on the lowest octave on the guitar.

This small riff is used throughout the song and can be used for the slowed
down tempo in the interlude section of the song.  Good basis for the solos.

E --------------------------|
B --------------------------|
G ---4----6-----------------|
D -------------4---3--------|
A --------------------------|
E --------------------------|
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