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Nofx - Best God In Show - аккорды и текст, табы, бас-таба, видео

Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Best God In Show

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Best God In Show
G Bm C Am G Em C G C G Em C D
G                  Bm   C
Ive no consideration,  zero mutual respect   
G                  Em              G
For billions who suffer from ,  rational thought neglect
G                    Bm               C
I dont wanna waste a sentence,   I dont want a convert-sation
G                     Em      C               D
Thats gonna end in disdain,  disbelief and aggravation
C                       D                      G
And I find its getting harder to hang out
C                     D            Em
With grown adults who actually believe
C                  D
In Santa Claus and Noah's Ark 
G                         Em
and that their god is the best
C            D                           G
My distaste has turned into detest
Intro Riff
Who would read a 2000   year old medical journal
Techniques for bloodletting,    advice on Trichinosis
Would you navigate the globe    with a map of a flat earth
Without DNA testing,     would you believe virgin birth
And I find its getting painful to put up
With grown adults who actually believe
In Unicorns and Creation, 
and God always takes their side
Thats when my innocent jabbing turns snide
Thank God for the Grammy,   thank God for the touchdown
Thank God for blowing up    the enemy's sacred ground
So how am I supposed to take   anything you say seriously?
When youve swapped free will for faith, hope and pre-destiny
And its getting agonizing to hang out
With grown adults who actually believe
Mythology and history 
trump physics and science
My aversion has turned to abhorrence
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