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Nelly - Come Over - текст песни

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Come Over

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Авторы: Nelly, Jason "Jay E" Epperson

Here we come
Here we come now girl
Baby girl

You know I be spendin hot shit with knee deep
Only nigga who take a still picture in 3-d
If he'd be im leavin the party with seen heat
Gotta four make it long fendee goin home to a sister mendee
I spit game like that and get brains like that
But its on leather seats and came like that
Its this is football il b a runnin back
But Im only gettin love and Im never from boh
And ya throw hands up when im bringin this on
So if its on its on shit im takin ya home
I got my own dog house on chrome long bone
Shit like ma bizza my bad lon dog you lunatics
And thats what il b sayin bout y'all
Not a MD but im always on call
And I gotta stick for ya guarenteed and thats all

So here we come
Here we come now girl
Baby girl
Coz we be from dah down from the sky to the ground
Im sippin alazee steady puffin on ma pound
Alla wont nah slow down switch it up
Mama dont frown go down
Hit it up hey (x2)

Im like a new edition long ya'n da cronny
Badee and even riggy rubber johnny  in standin rain and ice
Its the end damn right
Turn out that light into vanessa derio like over ronny nice
So dont know, baby  I kissin me and she goin down low
People that demo haw! tell that you a pro
Swarp up and down you never did this before
When that bitch is goin slow
Came in with all types baby follow them lights
Earth tight ready to fight  coz im the one they women like
He think he tight think he got more gin than spike lee
Runnin through his veins like a RV RV
Tightest nigga for 5 G's ya audi
Bet against me now while my price is low
Them 85 bitches when the lunatics blow
Another zero for sure just to let you niggas know

Repeat chourus (x2)

See me and my niggas only come out on the weekend
Coz the weekdays too busy creepin, freakin
Wit' yo' rat now picture that
When she wid' you she not speakin but she winkin
Lettin me know that she really been thinkin'
About a nigga even when I'm not with her
I'm frosty all year while you only in the winter
My pockets gettin fatter, yo' pockets gettin thinner
I aint playin tiles  so you callin me a sinner
Ok 29 callin me a young tinner
Nelly stop dont leave  dont stop when im with her
She ready for whatever and I aint even bought her dinner
I started  to gain  on the bitch with splinters
Begging the coach to let me quit for a minute
The last seconds of the game you still waiting to enter
I aint gotta and I no's em' all I know who the winner.

Repeat chours to fade.   

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