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Nelly - Ballers Up In Here - текст песни

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Ballers Up In Here

  • текст

 I see nothing but gangstas up in here
 I see nothing but ballers up in here
 I see nothing but dope stacks up in here
 I see nothing but flossers up in here

 Ah Yeah
 We gon mash it up
 If you ladies want war we gon blast it up
 If you bitches got bling flash it up
 R.A.M Squad, Universal gon stack it up
 Ah Yeah

 You can catch me in tha back like Shaq, nigga, posted up
 Or at the bar with some broad, nigga, toasted up
 Any you open mouth niggers I'm a close 'em up
 Anybody wanna try I'ma burst it up
 I put a T.V. in her headrest I own
 I left a tattoo of Nelly on her, plus I was on on
 It's to the point I can't even get no rest at home
 How many times can a nigga change his phone
 Yeah I left with five bitches but I came alone
 Half these niggas couldn't do it if you became a clone
 Best let me run my game
 Cuz yall gon know my name when I bust that thang
 I'm like Celly in the club
 I need more Christmas
 Niggas pissed in the club
 Like who the fuck is this
 Country nigga in this bitch tryin' to take our shine
 I takin' yours I'm just expandin' mine, aiight


 (Ram Squad)
 I'm in the jet like diamonds... shinin'
 Twenties on the S-Tank system bombin'
 Rocks off the chain man... been grimmin'
 Ball till my knees mash
 Stash for the new Jag
 I'm now, win now got money to let my friends know
 Bend down, bend down, down underground
 When I pop up spray relms
 In and out of town for white ice
 But I ain't playin' Dru Down
 Cuz I'm platinum bound
 Gon through plus stacks
 Rugged like the motherfucker named Blacks
 Big Benz, Big Rims, Big spendin' it up
 Big ballin' ass nigga from the end of the Dub


 Aiight we gon mash it up
 I'm in the 69 Rolls nigga gas it up
 Anything on the road I'm gon class it up
 80 four screen screech trash it up

 (Ram Squad)
 Niggas want rhymes
 Yall bout to hear me shine
 If I don't sign back with quarters and dimes
 I'm nothin' but a baller till the day that I die
 I'm a live my life of crime

 (Sticky Fingaz)
 Don't trust no thug I'm around the clock
 Hopped out the spot lyin' around the block
 Stay long enough to find a shorty dead on the rocks
 No security, I'm greeting you with pounds and glocks
 Hennessy straight in the glass hold the ice
 I'm unpredictable my life is like a roll of dice
 Got bitches heads turning like the poltergiest
 Except they ain't gold diggers they want diamonds now
 Its guns, bitches,and weed when I'm in town
 Yo son your man wildin' better calm him down
 Before I beat with the handle and turn him into a vegetable
 And the next time I'm in town I'll fuck it up for the rest of yall

 (Ram Squad)
 Ball out like Stoudamire
 Wave back hairs dry like urban fire
 Blue faced, hard fame, like rocky rider
 We out in St.louis like Mark McGwire
 Twist snips spit fire like a tone barretta
 Millionaire in the ring rock the gold umbrella
 Got the cream cheese, chedder, and mozzeralla
 Tooth out baller yall, livin it better
 Put keys in the hood call me Mr. C
 Heavy neck with the bling like Mr. T
 Seen Nelly's blue truck so I copped the V
 Paid my way out of court so I copped a plea
 Now my slang like Onyx, puff on chronic
 Hear my voice hooked on phonics
 Everyone want to be a baller now
 Wanna be a big shot, shotcaller now



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