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MxPx - Quit Your Life - аккорды, текст, табы

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Quit Your Life

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Quit Your Life
Artist: MxPx
Song: quit your life
Album: Before Everything and After
Tabbed by Lyle Scott nothanx10@hotmail.com

              C           F              
   I've been everywhere around the world
       A                   G
   And finally here tonight
   C                  F
   You seem to be the only one
   A                      G
   To make me feel alright
   I feel good 
   F                             A   G
   When I know you're coming down
   I feel good
   F                           A   G
   When I know you'll be around

   F                        G     
   So quit your life And stay with me
        A                C            F
   We'll order in and watch TV. We'll paint the house 
        G                    A
   And wash the car. We'll take a walk
   But not too far 
      F             G              A  
   So quit your life And stay with me


   New York to Los Angeles 
   And all the towns between
   (After) Miles and hours on the road
   You're the best I've seen

   I feel good
   You're the best friend that I've found
   I feel good
   When I'm coming back to your town

   So quit your life 
   And stay with me
   We'll order in and watch TV
   We'll paint the house 
   And wash the car
   We'll take a walk
   But not too far
   So quit your life
   And stay with me

(play same as chorus)
   I heard the road 
   It was calling my name
   I walked towards the light
   And I ran, towards the flame
   After all is said and done
   I don't mind saying again
   I'll say it's true that I'm in love
   With the places that I've been   

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