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Morrissey - аккорды, тексты, табы, табулатуры, gtp

Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга
Страна: Великобритания
Даты: 22.05.1959 - ...

Дискография [+]

Альбомы и синглы:

  • Suedehead [27.02.1988, сингл]
  • Viva Hate [14.03.1988, альбом]
  • Everyday Is Like Sunday [11.06.1988, сингл]
  • The Last of the Famous International Playboys [11.02.1989, сингл]
  • Interesting Drug [29.04.1989, сингл]
  • Ouija Board, Ouija Board [13.11.1989, сингл]
  • November Spawned a Monster [16.04.1990, сингл]
  • Piccadilly Palare [01.10.1990, сингл]
  • Morrissey at KROQ [1991, макси-сингл]
  • Our Frank [04.02.1991, сингл]
  • Kill Uncle [04.03.1991, альбом]
  • Sing Your Life [01.04.1991, сингл]
  • Pregnant for the Last Time [15.07.1991, сингл]
  • My Love Life [17.09.1991, сингл]
  • We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful [12.05.1992, сингл]
  • You're the One for Me, Fatty [06.07.1992, сингл]
  • Your Arsenal [22.07.1992, альбом]
  • Tomorrow [08.09.1992, сингл]
  • Certain People I Know [07.12.1992, сингл]
  • The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get [28.02.1994, сингл]
  • Vauxhall and I [14.03.1994, альбом]
  • Hold On to Your Friends [30.05.1994, сингл]
  • Interlude [08.08.1994, сингл]
  • Now My Heart Is Full [23.08.1994, сингл]
  • Boxers [16.01.1995, сингл]
  • Dagenham Dave [21.08.1995, сингл]
  • Southpaw Grammar [28.08.1995, альбом]
  • The Boy Racer [27.11.1995, сингл]
  • Sunny [11.12.1995, сингл]
  • Alma Matters [21.07.1997, сингл]
  • Maladjusted [30.07.1997, альбом]
  • Roy's Keen [06.10.1997, сингл]
  • Satan Rejected My Soul [29.12.1997, сингл]
  • Rare Tracks [01.04.1998, макси-сингл]
  • The CD Singles '88-91 [19.06.2000, сингл]
  • HMV/Parlophone: The CD Singles ‘91–95’ [17.09.2001, сингл]
  • Irish Blood, English Heart [04.05.2004, сингл]
  • You Are the Quarry [17.05.2004, альбом]
  • First of the Gang to Die [12.07.2004, сингл]
  • Let Me Kiss You [11.10.2004, сингл]
  • I Have Forgiven Jesus [13.12.2004, сингл]
  • There Is a Light That Never Goes Out / Redondo Beach [28.03.2005, сингл]
  • Redondo Beach / There Is a Light That Never Goes Out [05.04.2005, сингл]
  • You Have Killed Me [27.03.2006, сингл]
  • Ringleader of the Tormentors [03.04.2006, альбом]
  • The Youngest Was the Most Loved [05.06.2006, сингл]
  • In the Future When All's Well [21.08.2006, сингл]
  • I Just Want to See the Boy Happy [04.12.2006, сингл]
  • That's How People Grow Up [04.02.2008, сингл]
  • All You Need Is Me [02.06.2008, сингл]
  • I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris [09.02.2009, сингл]
  • Years of Refusal [13.02.2009, альбом]
  • Something Is Squeezing My Skull [27.04.2009, сингл]
  • Glamorous Glue [18.04.2011, сингл]
  • Satellite Of Love (Live) [24.01.2014, сингл]
  • World Peace Is None of Your Business [11.07.2014, альбом]
  • Low in High School [17.11.2017, альбом]
  • Back on the Chain Gang [01.11.2018, сингл]

Концертные альбомы:

  • 1988-12-22: Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, UK
  • 2000-03-28: "¡Oye Esteban!" Tour: Estadio Víctor Jara, Santiago, Chile
  • 2002-10-24: Malmö, Sweden
  • 2004-07-03: Roskilde, Denmark
  • His Master's Voice: Live in San Francisco and London 1991
  • Practising Troublemaker
  • 1991-07-01: Higher Education: Utrecht, Netherlands [1991]
  • 1991-10-04: Digital Excitation: Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK [1992]
  • 1992-07-09: Dreams I'll Never See: Leysin Rock Festival, Switzerland [1992]
  • Live In Dallas [1992]
  • London 1991 [1992]
  • Beethoven Was Deaf [10.05.1993]
  • Angelic Upstart [1994]
  • Introducing Morrissey [13.08.1996]
  • Live at Earls Court [29.03.2005]
  • Who Put the ‘M’ in Manchester? [04.04.2005]
  • 2012-10-10: Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY, USA [12.10.2012]


  • Rush to Danger: Rarities, Volume 1 [сборник]
  • Talent Borrows Genius Steals [сборник]
  • Bona Drag [08.10.1990, сборник]
  • Now My Heart Is Full: An Introspective 1984–1994 [1994, сборник]
  • World of Morrissey [06.02.1995, сборник]
  • Words + Music [1997, прочее]
  • Suedehead: The Best of Morrissey [08.09.1997, сборник]
  • Conversationalist [04.1998, прочее]
  • My Early Burglary Years [15.09.1998, сборник]
  • ¡The Best Of! [06.11.2001, сборник]
  • Greatest Hits [08.02.2008, сборник]
  • Revelation [2009, сборник]
  • The HMV/Parlophone Singles ’88–’95 [12.10.2009, сборник]
  • Swords [26.10.2009, сборник]
  • Very Best of Morrissey [25.04.2011, сборник]
  • 25 Live [2013, сборник]
  • Essentials [2018, сборник]
  • This Is Morrissey [06.07.2018, сборник]
Название Материалы
A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours
A Song From Under The Floorboards
A Swallow On My Neck
Action Is My Middle Name
Action Is My Middle Name (Janice Long Session, 15-06-2011)
All The Lazy Dykes
All You Need Is Me
Alma Matters
Alsatian Cousin
Ambitious Outsiders
America Is Not The World
Angel Angel Down We Go Together
Art Hounds
Asian Rut
At Amber
At Last I Am Born
Because Of My Poor Education
Bengali In Platforms
Best Friend On The Payroll
Bigmouth Strikes Again
Billy Budd
Black Cloud
Black Eyed Susan
Boy Racer
Break Up The Family
Certain People I Know
Christian Dior
Come Back To Camden
Cosmic Dancer
Dagenham Dave
Dear God Please Help Me
Dial A Cliche
Disappointed Live
Do Your Best
Do Your Best & Don't Worry
Dont Make Fun Of Daddys Voice
Drive-In Saturday
Driving Your Girlfriend Home
Earth Is The Loneliest Planet
East West
Edges Are No Longer Parallel
Everyday Is Like Sunday
First in the gang to die
First Of The Gang
First Of The Gang To Die
Found Found Found
Friday Mourning
Get Off The Stage
Girl Least Likely To
Glamerous Glue
Glamorous Glue
Glamorus Glue
Good Looking Man About Town
Hairdresser On Fire
Happy Lovers United
Harry Rag
Harsh Truth Of The Camera Eye
Have-a-go Merchant
He Cried
He Knows I'd Love to See Him
Heir Apparent
Hold On To Your Friends
How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel
How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel
How Could Anyone Possibly Know How I Feel
How Soon Is Now
I Am Hated For Loving
I Am the Sun, I Am the Air
I Am Two People
I Can Have Both
I Dont Mind If You Forget Me
I Have Forgiven Jesus
I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
I Knew I Was Next
I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday (beethoven Was Deaf)
I Know Its Gonna Happen Someday
I Know Very Well How I Got My Name
I Know Very Well How I Got My Note Wrong
I Like You
I Will See You In Far Off Places
I'd Love To
I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero
I'm Not a Man
If You Don't Like Me,Don't Look At Me
Ill Never Be Anybodys Hero Now
Im Not Sorry
Im Ok By Myself
Im The End Of The Family Line
Im Throwing My Arms Around Paris
In The Future When All Is Well
In The Future When Alls Well
Interesting Drug


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