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Misc Your Songs - Tony Smart - Never Let You Down - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tony Smart - Never Let You Down

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Tony Smart - Never Let You Down
Misc Your Songs
Tony Smart
"Never Let You Down"
Standard Tuning

Here's another one of mine...let me know what ya think.

Capo 4

Chords used:

   G    C9    D7    D/F    Em    C5?



G, C9, D7 x2...with hammer on's on all chords


D/F          C9                       Em          C5?
If i'd have died last night I'd have died a happy man,
         D/F           C9                 G
i felt a way i hadn't felt in quite some time.
D/F         C9              Em            C5?
It was a feeling from the moment we held hands,
              D/F              C9             G       G, C9, D7
and when you kissed me sent a shiver down my spine.   

D/F          C9             Em              C5?
And i was captured when i looked into your eyes,
          D/F              C9                   G
it kinda froze me, and my heart stopped for a while.
D/F            C9            Em                C5?
You should've seen me as i pulled out of your drive,
             D/F                 C9               G
if i'd have died they would've buried me with a smile.


power chords
    G                 C               D            C
I promise that i'll adore you, never bore you or ignore you,
         G              C              G
and i promise, i will never make you frown.
     G                C                D             C
I promise i'll never hurt you, never leave you or dessert you,
         G             C             G
and i promise i will never let you down.

Verse 2: same pattern

Woke up this morning with a smile on my face, 
as the sun came up and shined into my room.
And i found my heart was in a very different place,
this place was happy and the only thing there was you.

This place had four coats of pollish on its nails,
a few cute wrinkles, with soft tips on the ends.
It held my heart perfectly like a shell holds a snail,
didn't take long to see that my heart was in your hands.

Repeat Chorus

Final verse:

picked like this:


I could be good, i could be great, make a date i'll never be late,
and i promise i'll never give you the runaround.
I wanna go on forever, be with you and be together,
and i promise, i will never let you down.

ends with:

Добавлено: 03.03.2012
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