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Misc Your Songs - Kaylea Hopeless Sing It - аккорды и текст, видео

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Kaylea Hopeless Sing It

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Kaylea Hopeless Sing It
Misc Your Songs
This is my first tab, so I though I would do one of my songs, so you can't judge it.
I wrote this for my boyfriend, and actually had the guts to Sing It. 
Pun definitely intended.

Hope you like it!



F                      C
Baby your eyes can see through my disguise and, 

G                      Fadd9
I'm wishing I could only share with you...

F                    C
But you melt me like ice in a summer breeze and,

G                 Fadd9
I don't know what to do...


F                       C
So let me sing it out...woah oh oh oh oh oh...

G                        Fadd9
That's what I'm gonna do, I'll sing it loud...

F                       C                G    Fadd9
Woah oh oh oh oh oh, that's what I guess I'll do...


F                          C
Your smile makes me laugh and boy, if I'm correct...

G                           Fadd9
I've been falling head over heels for you...

F                           C
It's this kind of thing that makes me think...

G                     Fadd9
That you and me could be me and you...

Repeat Chorus~


F                       C
I love the way you walk and the way you dance around like you're insane

G                        Fadd9
All the things you say...how you know the rules to my games...

F                C
For some reason, you still want to play...

Repeat Chorus~

Добавлено: 22.01.2018
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