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Misc Your Songs - Kaylea Hopeless Hit The Ground Hard - аккорды и текст, видео

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Kaylea Hopeless Hit The Ground Hard

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Kaylea Hopeless Hit The Ground Hard
Misc Your Songs

I'm back!

Hope you like this one!
Comment what you think!

Am                                           C
I still remember the first day that I saw your face,
           F                          G
I felt out of place, too new to the whole middle school scene...
Am                                       C
It was in 6th grade science, I kept kicking you in the shins...
      F                              G
Stepping on your feet, trying to get you to notice me...

Am                        C
She knew I knew that you liked me more than her,
F                     G
Even if Raven had you first,
Am                           C
You kept falling in love, and instead of helping you up,
F                       G
I let you hit the ground hard...

Am                        C
7th grade, my heart finally gave...
Eleven times, that was crazy...
G                               Am
Kaitlyn and Nichole soon took my place...
In between our on again off again,
F                          G
You hooked up with all of my friends...

Am                        C
They knew that I knew that you like me more than them,
F                     G
All the things you said in our text messages...
Am                           C
You kept falling in love, so I helped you up...
F                       G
Instead of letting you hit the ground hard...

Am                          C
8th grade, the promises you made...
F                                       G
Pictures of me and you in your jersey...still floating around somewhere...
Am                                  C
You go to Crisney then to Maddie, now you're running right back to me...
F                                          G
Oh, they say your first kiss is only as great as who it's with...
Am             C      F          G
Well...I wish I could erase it...

Am                               C
From that moment, I knew you no longer loved me...
F                                G
Fighting on the phone, I felt so alone...
You finally changed me...
C                             F
I fell in love, and you're the one who tripped me...
G                      Am       C        F          G
I hit the ground hard...I hit the ground hard...

Hopefully, you liked it!

Format was inspired by Taylor Swift's All Too Well.
Because she's perfect. 

Добавлено: 22.11.2017
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