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Misc Unsigned Bands - Crybaby - A Misery Of Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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Crybaby - A Misery Of Love

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Crybaby - A Misery Of Love
Misc Unsigned Bands
// Capo on 7th:

// Intro:

G - Am - G - C - Fm - C - G7

// Verse:

      C           Fm
   Attraction is submission
      C                                        Fm
   Whatever you like it's an unwitting pact of attrition
             G                           Am    G
   There's a price we will pay for this union
           C        Fm   C     G7
   There's a poverty of love
   Did you get what you wanted?
   If only you could've seen what she could've been but maybe you did
   But to smother another love
   The duplicity of love

// Solo:

C - Fm - C - Fm - G - Am - G - C - Fm - C - G7

// Bridge:

Fm              F# G G#
   Unstuck then

   Out of luck when
  C                Fm         C     
   Compassion was unrecognisable
   By love or by someone who likes it
// Verse:

   Seroxat tramadol
   Paroxatine ritalin stuff it in come one and come all
   Romance was dead on the arrival
   Just a casualty of love
   Oh the blame oh the blame oh the blame and the grieving
   Are only imaginally more acceptable than the thought of you leaving
   It's the price that we paid for this union
   We made a misery of love..
Добавлено: 02.10.2013
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