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Michael Kiske - Judas At The Opera (Edguy) - текст песни, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Judas At The Opera (Edguy)

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Darkness has covered the Opera house
 something is wrong you can feel..
 There's a devil in disguise
 a traitor has taken the dais
 Catalogue people spend a pityng gaze
 what can a man do in such a case?
 Aristocratic experta of art vomit all over the place...

 And they wish I'd be doomed eternally!

 Forever french-frying
 you'd love to see me dying
 Who's let the peacock in
 to rock the house-Opera house?
 You want me french-fried and
 you'd love to see me fired and 
 then kill Judas in the Opera house
 Opera house

 Huntsmen are rushing around
 after the peacock-oh no
 the baton is pink and it's clear:he is a queer
 he likes it into his rear
 Rumors arise he is from outerspace
 they're out for the bounty
 and still they're amazed
 Aristocratic lemmings with a Highsnobiety leer

 Get the chef to make peacock fillet steak!

 Forever french-frying...

 We came from a system far away
 -facing your goggle eyes!-
 To protect this jolly bedlam from decay
 -facing your goggle eyes!-
 Who do you think you are
 to think you're of a better class?
 Who do you think you are
 to expect us to kiss your ass?

 We've come to chase the monkey off your back
 -facin your goggle eyes!-
 And we've expected some may sound an attack
 -facing your goggle eyes!-
 Who do you think you are
 to think you're of a higher class?
 Who do you think you are
 to expect us to kiss your ass? 

 We're gonna be 
 taking the chance-taking the chance
 To get you darting a glance-darting a glance
 at us to starting to prance-starting the dance
 of the oddballs

 Frankenstein is out of control
 donkey has been giving a soul
 flamboyantly he's playing his song
 and they can't get it

 The nuthead he is going insane
 the screwball is igniting the flame
 Pandora's box has opened behold
 madness rising!!!!

 You say treason but I tell you
 there ain't no reason
 We just have our share
 we don't care as long as we're alive
 love our sound and like to hear:

 where's the chef to make Judas-fillet steak?

 Forever french-frying...

 Judas at the Opera!
Добавлено: 25.08.2014
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